Rusty's Angels Sanctuary


Meet Owner, Emilee Spear

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe and caring environment for senior and special needs canines. Through rescue, foster, adoption, education and hospice; we create secure nurturing homes for them to live out their twilight years.

Most of our rescues come to us because their owner has passed away or has moved into a nursing home situation. As long as the dog is healthy enough to handle a transition into a new home then we do our best to find the perfect forever home. If the dog is not healthy enough then they live out whatever time they have left here at our sanctuary knowing unconditional love until the very end.


What more could you ask for in caring for these amazing mutts?

Our Goals:

1. To RESCUE senior or special needs canines that have been displaced from their home or abandoned for any reason, until they are adopted or to live out their life at the sanctuary.

2. To build a FOSTER home network to help us place more senior canines until they find their forever home.

3. To provide EDUCATION to the public on the benefits of ADOPTING and caring for aging canines.

4. To find loving homes that will provide HOSPICE care for senior canines to live out the rest of their lives in the company of other animals and human caregivers.


We need your help!

If you love dogs like we do, then you understand the importance of helping them find a place to live out their lives with happiness and safe keeping. If you love coffee like we do, enjoy our special café and keep coming back letting that 25% go to work to help our special mutts find their forever home.

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) is a statewide 501(c)3 non-profit, all-volunteer animal welfare organization dedicated to saving homeless beagles through rescue efforts, adoption and education on the breed.

AZBR works in cooperation with animal shelters and humane agencies throughout AZ to reduce the euthanasia of adoptable animals by providing foster homes, veterinary services and training for all of the beagles in our care. AZBR offers breed specific resources and training referrals to promote lifelong relationships between beagles and their companions.

AZBR operates solely on donations and has no shelter of its own; instead a statewide network of volunteers open their homes and hearts to provide foster care for rescued dogs until qualified, loving forever homes are found. 

Find out more about this amazing organization: