W.O.W. Dog Rescue

What Was W.O.W. Dog Rescue’s Inspiration?

W.O.W Dog Rescue believes there is a need for dog rescue organizations that people can trust. Many dog rescues display their dogs at a store front on weekends or in a facility. Dog foster families and the dogs themselves are disrupted by going to places like this. Instead, W.O.W. Dog Rescue chose to use the Internet as a way to tell interested people about their rescue dogs. Photos and descriptions about the dogs likes and dislikes, behaviors, and fears are provided. This method has proved successful. As a result, W.O.W Dog Rescue became a 501c3 on October 15th, 2017.

How Does W.O.W. Rescue Help Homeless Dogs?

W.O.W. Dog Rescue gets dogs from local shelters several times a month. Since they partner with Maricopa County, they can get dogs with medical needs that would otherwise be euthanized. The rescue provides medical care for these special needs dogs. They have a senior to senior program as well. Medical care is provided to their senior dogs. All dogs are fostered until adopted into a loving home.

What is Home-Based Fostering?

Home-based fostering allows the dogs to enjoy a loving, caring, and temporary home. First, they have not bounced around from family to family. Instead, they are truly loved in a regular home while being taught skills like “potty outside and socialization with people and other dogs, and/or cats.” Secondly, , the dogs are treated as family members and are loved as such.  Most importantly, they are not put in a facility or kept in a cage until a possible adoption takes place.

What Are The Goals Of W.O.W. Dog Rescue In 2020?

The mission of W.O.W. Dog Rescue is to rescue and find safe homes for more dogs. W.O.W. thrives on foster homes and hope to get their numbers up even higher. With this in mind, a lot more dogs will be saved. They hired a foster coordinator who can monitor the process until adoption occurs.

W.O.W Dog Rescue is a member of the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. They are launching a free service to Chandler residents called “Tag, You’re It.” Family dogs will be given an ID to wear. This way, if they are found roaming the streets, the ID will provide information such as a phone number. Getting dogs home where they belong is a huge priority. No one wants them to end up in rescues or a shelter.

How Can The Public Help?

If you think you would like to be a part of the mission to find these sweeties a forever home, please contact W.O.W. Dog Rescue. You can be the GOLD of the rescue or help in many other ways such as grooming, providing transportation, manning a donation station, or act as an intake coordinator.

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