Central Arizona Animal Rescue

What Was Central Arizona Animal Rescue’s Inspiration?

The dog rescue started because a group of people loved dogs and wanted to help save them. As a result, their small start up has been growing every year.

They do not receive any county, state or public funding, but instead rely solely on donations and adoption fees to help care for their rescued friends. The staff is 100% volunteers.

How Does Central Arizona Animal Rescue Help Homeless Dogs?

Central Arizona Animal Rescue is a 501c3 non profit animal rescue group which provides a safe haven for hundreds of shelter dogs from kill shelters around the state who have been slated for euthanasia. They take in these wonderful dogs, care for them, give medical care, and provide training until they find their new loving families.

They spay or neuter all animals that are adopted, ending the cycle of additional unwanted animals. In addition, they promote yearly vaccinations of all animals which prevents disease and the possible destruction of sick animals.

The following dog was brought to a county clinic with a broken leg. The Central Arizona Animal shelter took over his care. Once surgery was completed, he spent several months in a kennel to heal. Shortly after his recovery, he found his forever home.

Check out this healthy Mutt today! What a transformation.

What are the Goals of Arizona Central Animal Rescue in 2020?

Within the next year, the group hopes to complete a suite where they can have voluntary doctors come onsite to provide care and spay/neuter the dogs taken in. Furthermore, they hope to update another kennel row with concrete floors.

How Can the Public Help?

Please go to their website to learn all about the great things they are doing. If you click on their “More” tab, you can see all of the things on their wish list. Consider donating to their great cause. Better yet, go to their Facebook page a make a quick donation.

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