Arizona Beagle Rescue

What Was Arizona Beagle Rescue’s Inspiration?

The Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) was formed in 2002 after local Phoenix area Beagle lovers saw a large number of homeless Beagles in shelters and on the streets. As a result, the group realized that education was needed to help owners understand and care for their Beagles. Also, more foster homes were needed to keep dogs out of shelters.


How Does Arizona Beagle Rescue Help Homeless Dogs?

AZBR is a 501c3 non-profit group. They work with animal shelters and dog humane agencies in Arizona. Together, these groups help to rescue dogs, find foster-adoptive homes, provide medical services, and training. In addition, AZBR offers Beagle resources and referrals for help.

Aretha and Tuffy are happy dogs who love adventure.

AZBR relies on donations and has no shelter of its own. Instead, a statewide network of volunteers open their homes and hearts to provide foster care for rescued dogs until loving forever homes are found.

What Are The Goals Of Arizona Beagle Rescue in 2020?

AZBR’s goal for the coming year is to save about 100 Beagles through intake, fostering, and adoption. This includes making sure all of their dogs receive proper medical care and assessment.

How Can the Public Help?

Please make a donation to

Check out these great beagle stories and follow AZBR on Facebook.

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Could Arizona Beagle Rescue Be Morning Mutts Café’s Next Group To Donate To?

If you want Arizona Beagle Rescue to be the next group that Morning Mutts Café supports, please vote for them by September 29, 2019, by messaging Morning Mutts Café . You don’t have to be from Arizona to vote. You just need to be a Morning Mutts Café Facebook follower. The group with the most votes will be selected on September 30, 2019. The choice will be announced on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We love Beagles

Who Does Morning Mutts Café Currently Support?

Right now, 25% of the profit from the Mutt’s coffee sales goes to support Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary in New River, AZ. This wonderful group cares for and finds foster/adoptive homes for senior dogs whose owners have died, moved, or can’t care for their dogs.

Rusty’s Angel Sanctuary

Once the next organization is picked, anyone who buys Morning Mutt’s coffee will have a choice where they want the 25% profit to go. It will be between Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary or the chosen second organization.

All money donated to either of these organizations will come from coffee sales. Morning Mutts Café benefits from the sales and the dog rescue groups benefit from the 25% donation. Therefore, it’s a win-win for everyone.

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Note: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not sponsor, endorse, administer, or is any way associated with Morning Mutts Café.

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