Why Should You Rescue a Dog?

Probably the best reason to rescue a dog is because you want companionship. Dogs are devoted, affectionate, and are committed to owners who are loyal and kind in return.

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The second reason to rescue a dog is to prevent it from being euthanized. The ASPCA points out that approximately 670,000 dogs are euthanized annually. Furthermore they report that the number of deaths has dropped over the years partially due to the increase in dog adoptions or the return of stray dogs to their owners. That’s great news.

Another reason to rescue a dog is because there are too many dogs living in shelters that need a home. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) reports that around 3.3 million dogs enter animal shelters in the U.S. every year. This number has dropped since 2011 when there were a reported 3.9 million. Although, the accuracy of these numbers is questionable, because there isn’t an organization that is responsible for gathering U.S. statistics. The estimates are from states reporting information.

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Where to Find Places that Have Adoption Services

If you want to rescue a dog or another animal, Rescue Me! is an amazing site to go to for assistance. Here you can view all kinds of animals that can be adopted across the U.S. Each week new pets are posted. You can sign up for “Rescue Alerts” for the breed of animal you are interested in. Note: This site relies on the information submitted to it.

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Check local rescue organizations in your area. There are probably many of them. Perhaps you can’t adopt a dog, but maybe you could foster one until the perfect home is found. There is so much you can do to help. Volunteer at a shelter or rescue organization. Check out your local humane society and county animal and control services. They will have lots of resources for you.

Reason to Donate to Dog Rescue Initiatives

Even if you can’t rescue a dog, you can provide donations to associations that house homeless dogs, provide them food/medicine, vaccinations, spay/neutering services and arrange for fostering and adoption. Most of these initiatives rely on donations from YOU. The following website is a good place to start looking for a places to donate to. Please check out the Top 50 Pet Charities of 2019.

Consider contributing to local initiatives. This is where you live. Be part of the fix to get these amazing canines off the streets and into homes where they can be cared for and loved. County animal and control services need your donations! Your community will have many dog rescue organizations that could use your financial support as well.

Morning Mutts Café has a special love for Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary in New River, Arizona, and supports their efforts to find homes for senior dogs.

The Bottom Line

Rescue a dog and bring happiness to their lives. They are scared and apprehensive creatures in need of love and a safe home. In return, you will receive more gratification then you dreamed would be possible. You will find that you exercise more due to activities shared with your dog. You will develop a bond with other dog rescuers and will socialize more. Finally, you will find yourself laughing more, because dogs are funny and charming. They truly are the perfect companions for those who are looking for one.

Brody keeps me exercising every day

Check out Morning Mutts Café to learn about our Rescue dog, Brody.

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