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Morning Mutts Café’s Online Coffee Store is for Dog Lovers and People Who Enjoy a Delicious Cup of Coffee

Morning Mutts Café is passionate about dogs and roasted coffee beans. Our goal is to provide aid to non-profit organizations that support dog rescue efforts. We accomplish this by selling great coffee that will definitely have you coming back for more. Learn more about us.

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The Mutt Shopping Cart

Our business specializes in single origin coffee beans from Central America, South America, and Indonesia. Find Out More

Money for Mutts

25% of our profit goes to help homeless dogs find a forever home. Find Out More

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary, Arizona Beagle Rescue, and Arizona Small Dog Rescue are outstanding organizations that get dogs off the street and into the arms of loving and caring families.   That’s why we currently support them.


Why do Business with Us

Morning Mutts Café takes pride in delivering you fresh roasted coffee. We searched for the finest roaster in the valley and boy did we nail it. Feel confident that you are getting roasted beans from small batch roasts by an experienced and professional coffee master.


COVID has caused our sales to decline, so we are trying hard to bounce back. Check out this newest video on the changes we have had to make to ensure that we can continue to give our rescues 25% of our profit.

Morning Mutts Café Introduces the Three Dog Rescues We Currently Support:

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary

Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary provides a wonderful service to senior dogs. Check out their website and let Rusty’s fill your heart with love!

Rusty’s now has their very own resale store where all of the proceeds go to help their senior dogs.  Check out Rusty’s Resale Boutique.

Arizona Beagle Rescue

Arizona Beagle Rescue thrives on fostering beagles until loving and devoted adoptive families can be found.   Our Facebook fans voted on the Beagles to become one of our rescues. We are excited to welcome them aboard!

These are two happy pups enjoying their new home.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is tops in getting small dogs into loving forever homes. Their goal this year is to move to a larger shelter facility. Please help us help them!

How Do We Support These Amazing Dog Rescues?

25% of Morning Mutts Café’s profit goes to help these organizations. When you buy a bag of coffee, you choose if you want the profit to go to Rusty’s Angels Sanctuary, Arizona Beagle Rescue, or Arizona Small Dog rescue.

When we help these mutts find their forever home, these mutts help us become better people. Their devotion, unconditional love, and patience are behaviors we can all learn from.

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